Why Robin Williams Suspected Suicide Matters

Sadly, actor and comedian Robin Williams has passed away. The Marin County Coroner’s Department lists the death Robin Williams suspected suicide as due to “asphyxia”.  As a licensed Registered Nurse with emergency room trauma experience, every suicides listed as “asphyxia” that I have seen has been due to hanging.  Here is the exact wording: “The male subject, pronounced […]

Why It Pays To NOT Be A Go Getter – Networking Tips

Networking Tips You’re ready for whatever. Focused. Driven. About to take the next big step in your life. What next? STOP BEING A GO-GETTER! In this live event audio footage I share a story with a group of Upward Bound high school students about what it means to change your mind-set from being self-serving to […]

The Great Things That Happened When I Stopped To Smell The Roses

The Great Things That Happened When I Stopped To Smell The Roses The first time that I had an organization pay for my travel expenses to present at their event as a speaker and performer I was ecstatic! I was so excited that I took 3 days off of work simply to have a more fulfilling […]

The 5 Love Languages – This is My Favorite One

The 5 Love Languages When I finished at the gym this morning, I was reminded of how amazing it feels to have your love language stimulated! So, I’ve got a question for you… CAN YOU TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE LOVE LANGUAGE? Even if you have studied the 5 Love Languages in the past, being reminded […]

Suicide Awareness & Prevention at Hawkeye Community College

SUICIDE AWARENESS Most people are unaware that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students aged 18-24. This is just one of the many statistics that don’t get talked about enough due to a lack of suicide awareness. Even though I had a rough (very rough) time making it through college, I […]

Social Work Month Event

Social Work Month FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/7/16 Social Work Month Contact: Travis Lloyd 646-535-TRAV FORMER FOSTER YOUTH TURNED SOCIAL WORK SPEAKER & AUTHOR TO PRESENT AT CONVOCATION FOR SOUTHERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY DURING SOCIAL WORK MONTH – CHATTANOOGA, TN — Inspiring Students to Make a Difference in Their Communities & Live Happier National #SocialWorkMonth is […]

Saying YES to People’s Requests – What You Can Learn

  It was a challenge to step outside of the box of what I was told I “should” be in life, but saying YES to my own desire for living life on a higher level brought just the opportunities I needed to push me from “just getting by” to actually LIVING life. It started when I […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Travis Lloyd 646-535-8728 COLLEGE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER TRAVIS LLOYD SIGNS WITH HOULA ENTERTAINMENT — National Push Encourages Success Against All Odds In Colleges & Universities Far from ordinary, Travis Lloyd is an unexpected mentor and speaker who made a name for himself within the speaking industry by performing positive hip-hop and […]

Peace And Love Movement Brings Awareness to Normalcy Law | Foster Care Speaker

The #PeaceAndLove Movement I first had the opportunity to start speaking (and rapping) for groups of foster youth.  I literally owe my career to my experiences of using my story of overcoming life in “the system” to empower the youth that I worked with. To this day, foster care related audiences are some of my favorite audiences […]

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