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Far from ordinary, Travis Lloyd is an unexpected mentor and speaker who made a name for himself within the speaking industry by performing positive hip-hop and encouraging others to achieve Success Against All Odds in over a dozen states without any formal training. Lloyd’s most recent presentations of his inspirational life story “Success Against All Odds” left a lasting impression in two states, over a dozen urban schools, and thousands of students while presenting in collaboration with programs like Heart Of A Student and Gear UP through the Iowa Department of Education.  Taking notice of Lloyd’s newly established prominence, an offer was extended to the speaker to join Houla Entertainment, LLC, an agency that specializes in booking lectures and entertainment for Colleges.

“My goal has always been to inspire and better prepare large audiences to make better decisions and set and reach major life goals no matter where you come from,” says Lloyd. “and thanks to this new relationship with the talented people at Houla Entertainment, I’m happy to say I’ll finally be able to more consistently reach that goal.”

“We don’t yet know where we will start the bookings,” according to Lloyd, “but I trust that this team will make some great connections and put me on the right campuses to improve how students value today and shape their tomorrow.” Travis Lloyd’s presentation “Success Against All Odds” will be revised to empower the college market and often includes poetry and hip-hop performances showcasing emotional lyrics that poor out real life messages encouraging audience members to challenge themselves, value relationships and be accepting of others.  Lloyd shares messages relevant to college students such as:

· Finding Passion & Purpose

· Emotional Wellness

· Choosing The “Right” Friends

· Overcoming Adversity

· Striving To Be YOUR Best

· The Importance of Mentors

“I believe that achieving a high level of success is possible for anyone.  No matter where you come from or where you want to go, its possible,” Lloyd adds, “and sharing a message that will instill not only motivation, but practical examples of how to make it happen continues to spark a new drive in many students.”

Houla Entertainment is a leading talent agency that specializes in booking campus events at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada and is based out of Knoxville, TN.

Known for his no-nonsense “Real Talk” approach, positive attitude, and distinct ability to connect with others, the former foster kid turned mental health crisis worker and speaker has also left an impression as a co-author of the book Fostering Hope For America and plans to release a self-help book based off personal and professional experiences later this year titled Overcoming Emotional Trauma – Life Beyond Survival mode. Today, Lloyd is ranked in the top 10 Google search for “Foster Care Speaker,” among other rankings like “college motivational speakers,” and is continually called on to speak and perform for high school, college, child welfare, and mental health audiences nationally.



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Travis Lloyd With Fan - College Motivational Speakers

Travis Lloyd connecting with fans, spreading hope, and inspiring brighter futures. Known as one of the leading College Motivational Speakers across the United States and Canada.

Learn more about Travis Lloyd & how he compares to other college motivational speakers by watching some videos.

Travis Lloyd is an inspiring motivational speaker with a powerful story of Overcoming Adversities to achieve happiness and Success – Against All Odds. As a youth motivational speaker, Lloyd’s audiences include high school, college, leadership events, and conferences for educators, child welfare and mental health professionals. He speaks and performs internationally, but still works as a Mental Health Crisis Worker and advocates for social change that impacts at-risk populations. He is a board member of Foster Care Alumni of America, VP of the Our Fields Of Hope Foundation and co-author of the book Fostering Hope For America. Find out more at

Motivational speaker Travis Lloyd believes that “If someone else can do it, so can you!”

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