Why It Pays To NOT Be A Go Getter – Networking Tips

Networking Tips

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In this live event audio footage I share a story with a group of Upward Bound high school students about what it means to change your mind-set from being self-serving to serving others. You’ll like the terminology used that I got from my friend, Dan. You’ll also learn about one of the ways that I expand my network to meet other like-minded people, which is how I met Dan – the star of this story.

You can check it out in this youtube audio clip.  To jump to the story about Dan and not being a Go-Getter, go to 2:27


In this clip you will:

    • Hear stories about networking tips, mentoring, and connecting with others to reach higher levels of success.
    •  Learn how to get others to want to do things for you without convincing them to.
    • Hear a story about how I did things the wrong way for a long time and finally learned my lesson.

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About The Author

Travis Lloyd is an inspiring motivational speaker with a powerful story of Overcoming Adversities to achieve Happiness and Success – Against All Odds. As a Motivational Speaker and Positive Hip Hop Artist, Lloyd’s audiences include high school, college, leadership events, and conferences for educators, child welfare and mental health professionals. He has a heart for youth transitioning out of care and promotes life-long learning. He speaks and performs nationally and advocates for social change that impacts at-risk populations while promoting emotional and physical health and wellness. He is a board member of Foster Care Alumni of America, VP of the Our Fields Of Hope Foundation, author of Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode and co-author of the bookFostering Hope For America. Learn more at

“Name another person who’s rapped in a church, high school, hip-hop club and college campus all in the same month.”

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