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Crisis worker, advocate, hiphop artist, registered nurse, adjunct professor, change agent.

Travis Lloyd is a leading authority on the topics of overcoming adversity, foster care, and mental health. He is a qualified Crisis Intervention Specialist and has spoken at high schools, colleges, nationally recognized conferences and professional development events. He has worked with top experts in developmental psychology and is an internationally published poet.

Like many people, Travis faced a few challenges growing up. He believes that no matter where you come from or where you want to go, it is possible.

“There is a difference between just being inspired and actually being motivated to make a change.  Travis is that difference.”

Social Worker, Las Vegas, NV

He is the Vice President of the national non-profit Our Fields of Hope, an adjunct professor and is also a highly sought–after inspirational speaker and consultant for youth and adults alike. He shares a story of breaking the generational cycles that can be found hindering performance in any school or workplace.

Travis experienced foster care, group homes and being institutionalized. While offering emotional stories and the insight of a healthcare professional with over a decade of experience in emergency departments and mental health services, he has an uncanny ability to relate to all audiences and entertain with hip-hop music and poetry.

By overcoming his challenges and reinforcing the importance of emotional wellness & lifelong learning, Travis has made it his personal goal to empower young people, the adults in their lives, and the professionals who work with them to reach their full potential; Achieving Success–Against All Odds.

Work With Travis
Travis Lloyd speaking for students as one of the best college motivational speakers and passionate advocate for at-risk youth and teens while aiming to re-inspire social workers and child welfare professionals.


How did you get started speaking?

I did what I was passionate about and it led me to speaking.

As a kid I had dreams of performing and being on stage, but after some tough life experiences I thought I had given up on those dreams.

After graduating from college (Against All Odds!) I filled my time by working with foster youth. Next thing I knew they were putting me on stage to perform and raise money for homeless youth shelters. My dream came true! The rest is history.

Watch my story about Following My Passion.

How much do you cost?

There are a lot of variables that go into creating a successful event. I know, you’re probably thinking “what’s there to it? Stand up and speak!” But considering who the audience is, how big the audience is, what the event is, travel time and expenses, preparation time, and a bunch of other things is very important.

Leaving even one small detail out, such as having proper audio equipment, can really make or break how an audience experiences a presentation or performance.

My booking agents are very helpful in working these details out and providing a fair investment opportunity for your event. Please fill out the form on the Work With Travis page or Contact My Booking Agents with details.

What you typically speak about?

I have built my speaking topics around the idea that everyone can achieve Success Against All Odds, regardless of their past. My favorite things to speak on are Overcoming Adversities, Reaching Career Success, and Mental Health Advocacy. My favorite audiences are Retreats and Conferences, Foster Youth, Social Workers, Schools, and Colleges. Learn more on the Speaking page.

I am a speaker/I want to speak. Can you help?

When I first started speaking it was ridiculous, to say the least. Actually – pathetic. We all start somewhere and I am happy to offer advice based off of my research and experience in the speaking industry.

If you have a message that will improve people’s lives, you have to believe in it! If you don’t believe in it, you can’t sell it. To build your confidence, do some free talks for local youth groups, churches or even class rooms.

You can write me anytime at and I’d be happy to answer some of your questions. If you are ready to take the next step (and serious about it), check out the Mentoring page and let’s set up a time to chat!

What do you do for fun?

Not only is physical exercise good for your body, its good for your mind! A healthy body facilitates a healthy mind and I REALLY have fun taking care of my body. Even if I’m on vacation in Cancun you will still find me watching the waves from the weight room before jogging down the beach.

I also enjoy listening to personal development audio books, home renovation projects, being outdoors, and riding my motorcycle – did I mention I’m a fan of Sons of Anarchy? Sometimes I think I’m Jax.

Favorite book?

I’m not always the best about remembering names and titles. Here’s a few of my favorites – that I can remember 🙂

Rich Dad Poor Dad, 4 Hour Work Week, A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose, Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode

Favorite music?

As a young child I was never allowed to listen to anything other than Christian music on tape cassettes. The radio did not really exist to me until I was about 11. That’s when I found myself in 2pac, Garth Brooks, and Red Hot Chili Peppers all in the same summer.

My taste for music is still pretty awesome.

Favorite TV show?

I don’t actually watch TV – no, seriously! The last television series I watched on network TV was Walker Texas Ranger. But I do get on Netflix occasionally and really get into documentaries on self-improvement and TED Talks; I may have also had a brief obsession with Prison Break and Sons of Anarchy 🙂

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