A New Venture – Launching A Podcast: Fostering Change in America

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The Fostering Change in America Podcast with Travis Lloyd: Coming Soon!

For years I’ve had a dream of producing a podcast that will change people’s lives and inspire awesomeness. (It’s one of the key reasons I’ve spent the past year building an in-home recording studio in my basement!).

Well, I’m nearing completion of the studio and it’s finally going to happen! The podcast will be titled Fostering Change in America and we’ve got a brand new team member who has been a great support in building the infrastructure for this BIG venture.

Katie and I have been meeting twice weekly identifying the best path for not only publishing the podcast, but doing so on a strong platform. I am truly hoping that I can count on each of you for some STRONG support and FEEDBACK.

Your voices helped my book reach thousands when I published in nearly three years ago and now we have the potential to reach millions. I am very inspired and can’t wait to see how this will impact each of you.

And most importantly, I’m SUPER excited to FINALLY start testing out my radio voice and interviewing awesome people who make a big difference in businesses, companies, education systems, and communities. If you know of anyone who fits this description, please tag them in this post, message me on Facebook, or send me an email on my website.

We will be asking your advice on designs, plans, schedules, and all the important stuff very soon! I invite you to join this journey as we develop the Fostering Change In America Podcast.

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Learn more about Travis Lloyd & how he compares to other college motivational speakers by watching some videos.

Travis Lloyd is an inspiring motivational speaker with a powerful story of Overcoming Adversities to achieve happiness and Success – Against All Odds. As a motivational speaker, Lloyd’s audiences include high school, college, leadership events, and conferences for educators, child welfare and mental health professionals. He speaks and performs internationally, and previously served as a Mental Health Crisis Worker. He advocates for social change that impacts at-risk populations and authored the book Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode. He is a board member of Foster Care Alumni of America, VP of the Our Fields Of Hope Foundation and co-author of the book Fostering Hope For America. Find out more at

Motivational speaker Travis Lloyd believes that “If someone else can do it, so can you!”

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